Project details

Location: Mooresville, North Carolina, United States


Fixture: A880SRLED Town Square
Pole: 8200 Fort Collins
910 Fitter
IntelliStreets®, islot

Photography: Drone Shoot Z

Mooresville, NC

Known as Race City USA, Mooresville NC is best known as the home of many NASCAR and IndyCar racing teams. Recently, downtown Mooresville installed Sternberg Lighting's Town Square A880SRLED luminaires integrated with advanced Intellistreets® Smart City solutions on 8200 Fort Collins poles. Intellistreets® is a suite of wireless controls enabling the city to remotely monitor and manage what's happening thru both cameras and other sensors. Color changing (RGBA) notification beacons provide visual cues and way-finding, combined with an omni-directional speaker that can stream music or real-time announcements and support to pedestrians and motorists in emergency situations.

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