IntelliStreets® is an integrated set of solutions offering the capability to see, hear, and record what's happening on your streets, thru both cameras and audio sensors. RGBA notification provides visual cues combined with a 360 degree speaker to give pedestrians and motorists vital information in critical situations. The dynamic 2-sided digital sign provides way finding, traffic direction, advertising, event and holiday promotion. In addition, our ‘Push Blue' system creates a much higher level of threat mitigation to protect those in dangerous situations.

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RGBA Notification
(Indicator Light)

Smart Grid Street Lighting
Photocell control
0-100% dimming
On-Demand levels

CPS Concealed Placement Speaker
Ambient Music
Notifications & Alerts

Image Sensor
Proximity sensors
Pedestrian counter
Homeland security

Digital Signage
Traffic direction
Way finding
Civic Information

Dynamic Lighting
Color changing
Flood lighting

Push Blue Alert
Emergency call station

Wi-Fi Antennas
Integrated on pole
Wi-Fi & Wi-Fi access
Water tight housing


Integrated within Sternberg Luminaire
The core component of IntelliStreets® at the pole level is the ECM (Electronic Control Module). The ECM sound system and notification LEDs are integrated into a series of select Sternberg Luminaires.

PTM attached to Luminaire
The PTM (Post Top Module) is a separate housing the includes the same features but allows for controlling virtually any style of Sternberg LED luminaire without modification.

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