Project details

Location: Monona, Wisconsin


SL635-U01 Solana™
SL630 Solana™

Photography: WI Drone Pilots

Monona Riverfront

Sternberg Lighting offers the Solana™ with a variety of stylish arm mounting options. Pictured here is the Riverfront Redevelopment in Monona, Wisconsin, which features a new river walk, an Avid Hotel and the new Yahara Apartment complex. The Solana™ SL635-U01 with its stylish curved arm mount provides the perfect accent for this urban development. Also shown is the SL630 arm mount, enhancing the impact of the project with its sturdy and sophisticated look.

The Solana™ has a wide array of lumen outputs, CCT's and distributions making this an ideal choice for a variety of street, area, commercial, institutional and municipal projects.

Applications Used

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