7100 Windsor Pole

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Features & Benefits

5-year limited warranty (See Support tab for Terms and Conditions)

The largest variety of pole designs on the market.

Offered with a variety of aluminum pole shafts, welded to a decorative round cast aluminum base. 

Base Dimensions:
19" diameterX 27" tall

Available Shaft Profiles:
T5: 5"- 3" Tapered Smooth
T54: 5"- 4" Tapered Smooth
T6: 6"-3" Tapered Smooth
T64: 6"-4" Tapered Smooth
P5: 5" Straight Smooth
P6: 6" Straight Smooth
FP5: 5" Straight Fluted
FP6: 6" Straight Fluted
TFP6: 6"-3" Cast Tapered Fluted
ETFP6: 6"-3" Extruded Tapered Fluted

7100 Windsor Pole