3200 Gateway Pole

Features & Benefits

Sternberg Select Finishes
Available with Sternberg Select Finishes in Verde Green, Swedish Iron, and Old World Gray Textured for a traditional aesthetic.
Urban Finish
Urban paint finishes are available in Sternberg Lighting's Urbanline products and create a modern, elegant aesthetic. Finishes are available in textured or matte
5-year limited warranty (See Support tab for Terms and Conditions.)

Modern, clean, simple and built strong.

The one piece base is made of a square cast aluminum shoe base with a 3/4" thick floor. The base transitions to a 6" diameter lower section made of ASTM 6063 extruded aluminum. The lower section transitions to a 4" diameter shaft
at 48" above grade (contact factory for alternate transition heights). Base includes a 15-3/4" round decorative base cover and a 6" to 4" decorative transition collar.

3200 Gateway Pole

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