Coating Colors

Sternberg Lighting offers a variety of finishings for your specific needs. Prior to coating, each assembly is chemically cleaned and etched in a 5-stage washing system which includes alkaline cleaning, rinsing, phosphoric etching, reverse osmosis water rinsing, and non-chrome sealing to ensure corrosion resistance and excellent adhesion for the finish coating. The finish coating is electrostatically applied semi-gloss, super durable polyester powder baked at 400 degrees for a durable and superior, color retentive finish. Our optional antique Verde Green, Old Iron, Swedish Iron and Weathered Black finish is hand brushed using a 3-step process. Sternberg has a Five-Year Limited Warranty. See our product and finish warranty guide for details. Finishes shown are approximate and may have a slight variation. Click the link to open a PDF file of available paint colors.

Standard Coatings

Urban Line Coatings

Concrete Finishes


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