Fred Roger's Monument

LU660 Lunaria™


The Mr. Rogers Statue is placed on a pier that remained after the demolition of Pittsburgh's historic Manchester Bridge in 1970. The nearly 11 foot tall and 3.5 ton Rogers was placed there in 2009, and was named "Tribute to Children," to emphasize Rogers' impact on the city's youth. In November 2015, a sound system was added to the site where visitors can listen to 29 musical compositions by Fred Rogers. In 2019 Sternberg's new Lunaria™ LU660 post tops were added to the entrance as a perfect compliment to the crescent shaped archway that also illuminates at night.

Indeed, the Lunaria's™ dual crescent design form is uniquely eye-catching. It's softly rounded lines complement contemporary architecture, as well as urban park areas, making it the perfect choice for mixed use retail and restaurant areas, parks, and campuses.   Shown here with 10' urban round straight aluminum poles, SV2 SoftVue™ lenses and 4000K lumens, they stand proudly on Pittsburgh's prominent North Shore overlooking the Ohio River, right next door to Heinz Field, home of the Steelers

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Location: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, United States
Market: Parks & Rec, Museum / Historical
Photographer: Roy Engelbrecht Photography