Authentic Wood Lighting Poles

ArburPole™ light poles are composed of individual laminations of Alaskan yellow cedar graded for structural predictability and bonded together using durable moisture-resistant adhesives. Our process is in conformance with ANSI A190.1 Standard for Wood Products - Structural Glued Laminated Timber under American Institute of Timber Construction (AITC) quality monitoring.

ArburPole™ poles are manufactured using naturally renewable and abundant Alaskan yellow cedar which is considered one of America's most durable and attractive softwood species available.  For decades, Alaskan yellow cedar has been used as a safe and natural alternative to chemically preserved treated lumber because of its strength and proven resistance to insect attack and decay.  By nature, Alaskan yellow cedar is aromatic, stable, workable, strong, fine textured and straight grained.  

ArburPole™ Alaskan yellow cedar light poles contain no harmful chemical preservatives that can leach into the soil.

Authentic Wood Lighting Poles

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