NightSky® Friendly

The above video provides an overview on how Sternberg Lighting protects our night skies, with a brief explanation of U0, BUG, and our NightSky® Friendly product offerings.


Sternberg Lighting's commitment to provide safe and comfortable nighttime lighting extends to protecting the night sky. From our first days of utilizing LED technology, we made the decision to locate LEDs up in the roof of our fixtures, fully shielded, and directing 100% of the light downward. This not only increases delivered efficacy and spacing, but eliminates unwanted uplight, protecting the beauty of our nighttime skies. Sternberg offers a wide variety of luminaires that emit zero uplight. From downlights, post-tops, bollards, wall sconces, and columns, all Dark Sky Compliant with U0 ratings to meet both your local lighting ordinances and design criteria.

Available NightSky® Friendly Products: