IntelliStreets® is an integrated set of solutions offering the capability to see, hear, and record what's happening on your streets, thru both cameras and audio sensors. RGBA notification provides visual cues combined with a 360 degree speaker to give pedestrians and motorists vital information in critical situations. The dynamic 2-sided digital sign provides way finding, traffic direction, advertising, event and holiday promotion. In addition, our ‘Push Blue' system creates a much higher level of threat mitigation to protect those in dangerous situations.

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RGBA Notification
(Indicator Light)


Smart Grid Street Lighting
Photocell control
0-100% dimming
On-Demand levels

CPS Concealed Placement Speaker
Ambient Music
Notifications & Alerts

Image Sensor
Proximity sensors
Pedestrian counter
Homeland security

Digital Signage
Traffic direction
Way finding
Civic Information

Dynamic Lighting
Color changing
Flood lighting

Push Blue Alert
Emergency call station

Wireless Transceiver
App based
Cellular antenna
Sensor antenna


Integrated within Sternberg Luminaire
The core component of IntelliStreets® at the pole level is the ECM (Electronic Control Module).The ECM sound system and notification LEDs are integrated into a series of select Sternberg Luminaires.

PTM attached to Luminaire
The PTM (Post Top Module) is a separate housing the includes the same features but allows for controlling virtually any style of Sternberg LED luminaire without modification.



Video: IntelliStreets in St. Cloud, MN

Video: IntelliStreets Overview