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NightSky® Star-Shield®

Roof Optics Horizontal & Vertical Type II, III, IV and V

NightSky® Opti-Shield®

Louver Optics Type III and V

Providing the most efficient decorative lighting illumination systems in the universe.

Full cut-off optical systems are designed to prevent the emission of light above the luminaire's horizon line and effectively redistribute light where needed on the ground. The optical system also controls the luminaire's main beam candle-power to a maximum angle of 72 degrees. The optical system's angular lighting distribution is optimized to reduce or eliminate discom- fort glare. Discomfort glare occurs when a significant amount of light enters an observer's eye at angles above 72 degrees from nadir.

Sky Glow US map

The diagram above illustrates how Sternberg NIGHTSKY® Luminaires provide sharp cut-off by shielding the source of glare above 72° from vertical. The maximum main beam candlepower zone is from 64° to 72° with the main beam candle-power at 67°.

Concealing the lamp in Sternberg's NIGHTSKY® Optical Systems also provides exceptional cut-off and complies with most Dark Sky ordinances.

International DARK SKY Association Member (IDA)

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