Full Cut-Off
NightSky® Optical Systems

Examples of Luminaires with Full Cut-Off Optical Systems

full cut-off light distribution

A light distribution where there is zero candela at or above 90 degrees vertical from nadir and where the candela value does not exceed 10% of the maximum intensity at or above a vertical angle of 80 degrees. This applies to all symmetrical angles around the luminaire.

Omega1531R 1531/RO5
PA130 photo PA130
1913FG photo 1913FG

Full Impact on Dark Sky

A thousand points of light reflected downward to protect the night sky. This is an enlargement of our new Star-Shield® ROH5-L optical system showing the design and detail. The segmented reflector is made of highly specular aluminum to achieve the reflective surface

Star-Shield ROH5-L optical system enlargement

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