Sternberg Launches Solana 600 Series

May 30, 2014 03:28 PM
New Medium Sized Solana 600 Series
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Sternberg Lighting is pleased to announce the release of the Solana 600 series luminaires, Solana 735 and Solana family of arms.  The SL660 and SL630 medium sized Solana pole mounted luminaires compliment the larger 700 series products. 

The 23” diameter 700 series products were developed and launched in 2013 to address the need for contemporary shapes in the site lighting market space.  The 17” 600 series accompanies the 700 series by giving designers another scale with which to create contemporary outdoor spaces.  Both Solana family members utilize the Softvue lens system to mitigate unwanted glare and give a pleasing aesthetic to any project regardless of mounting height.

The new Solana  arm family consists of five modern designs that complement the round shape of the Solana 700 Luminiare family and mate to the new SL735 housing.  Each arm adds a different flavor to the completed assembly and will add Aesthetic value to any project. 

Please take a look at these great new Sternberg products at

Solana SL660

Solana SL630

Solana SL735



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