Solana & Millenia New Additions

March 17, 2015 02:09 PM
Sternberg has done it again! 
The very popular Solana and Millenia families have some new members.   
The SL360 Bollard is now part of the Solana family product offering. The SL360 ranges from a standard 36" height up to 8' tall, and can be wall mounted, or pier mounted. The SL610 model is ceiling mounted via stem or EZ Hang device and can be mounted on a conventional stem or close to the ceiling configurations. This attractive product is one of the most versatile products that Sternberg has produced to date. Optical performance is enhanced with several distributions for nearly any project application and its modern radial design gives an aesthetic enhancement to both exterior or interior projects where ceiling mounting is needed. 


The Millenia family has grown to include the ML360 bollard. This sleek and seamless bollard complements the rest of the Millenia family with its scaled down aesthetics of the larger luminaires, provide perfect symmetry when used together on a project site.


Sternberg Lighting is leading the way in product development with our Urbanline product family. Keep an eye on Sternberg as we grow and innovate bringing you the very best in value and performance in outdoor decorative and functional lighting 


Please reach out to the Sternberg Sales team or visit our website at for more information on this ground breaking product from Sternberg Lighting.

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