PH2 TimberWood Pole


Authentic Wood Lighting Poles

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Features & Benefits

Natural, Renewable and Sustainable
Aesthetically pleasing anywhere and environmentally preferred.

Grown by nature, engineered for strength and consistency.

The TimberWood® PH2 is a pronghorn straight 8" x 8" pole designed for direct burial or anchor bolt mounting. Available in a variety of finishes. Select from a one way cross arm or twin cross arm configuration.

TimberWood® poles are built from Coastal Douglas fir and engineered for strength and dimensional stability. Available in two textures: smooth with eased corners or cross-sawn with square corners for a textured outdoor rugged appearance. The resulting color of treated Coastal Douglas fir may range in shades of cinnamon brown. Poles can be stained at the factory or at the installation site.

PH2 TimberWood Pole

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