Sternberg Lighting's Company Profile Video:



St. Cloud, MN - Intellistreets with A880SRLEDs:


FM423 in The Colony, Texas
1970LED Gallery Fixtures.


Cape Coral FL. 47th Street. Streetscape Project
1970LED Gallery Fixtures.


Applying LED to Street & Area Lighting Projects:

Sternberg's Paul Mitchell gives a seminar on Applying LED to Street & Area Proejcts.  



Old Town A850ASRLED Featured:

At the new McBean Park & Ride Complex, in the city of Santa Clarita CA, they have installed our Old Town A850ASRLED fixtures with 480PM arms on Whatley fiberglass poles, with integrated Virticus controls. Felix Gomez with 'Gausman and Moore' in Santa Clarita, was our Electrical Engineer for this extensive project.


Solana Presentation:

Solana Thermal Managment:


MIllenia Presentation:


Millenia Thermal Managment:

Millenia Install Video:



NEWS: MAY 14, 2020

Sternberg Welcomes Illumination Systems - Colorado

Sternberg Lighting is excited to announce Illumination Systems, in addition to their coverage in Arizona, has now expanded their representation for Sternberg to Colorado as well. Illumination Systems has a growing and loyal client base, with a sales team that is trained at the highest degree in order to provide the latest information throughout the design community. Please join Sternberg in welcoming Illumination Systems Colorado to the team!
Illumination Systems Website.


NEWS: MARCH 8, 2020

Sternberg Welcomes CDM2 Lightworks

Sternberg Lighting is excited to announce CDM2 Lightworks as our new representive in the British Columbia and Yukon territories. CDM2 are a passionately committed team of professionals who enable the creation of effective, exciting and sustainable lighting projects. Please join Sternberg in welcoming CDM2 Lightworks to the team.
CDM2 Website.


NEWS: MARCH 23, 2020

Sternberg Open During COVID-19

The world is a challenging place for even the strongest and most prepared governments and businesses today. We must consider the health and wellbeing of all citizens as we wait out the life cycle of the Coronavirus pandemic..... read more.


NEWS: FEBUARY 20, 2020

New Management Team at Sternberg

Sternberg Lighting is pleased to share the details of a new senior management team, beginning with the appointment of Mr. Mark Dean as President, effective January 1st. The restructure brings a considerable level of new expertise to key leadership positions, enabling Sternberg to simultaneously attain higher levels of sales growth, production efficiencies, and customer support.... read more.

NEWS: OCTOBER 15, 2018

Lumenpulse Group, a leader in high-performance, specification-grade LED lighting solutions, announced today that it has acquired 80% of the equity interest of Sternberg Lighting.... read more.


July 2017:
Sternberg Lighting's AMA Blue Light Position: Blue Light In A Nutshell

Other Responses to the AMA CSAPH Report:

April 2017:
DOE 2017 LED Impact Sky Glow

June 2016:
IES Board Position on AMA CSAPH Report

June 2016:
LED's Magazine / Medical Society Issues LED Street Light CCT Guidence

Lunaria Powerpoint



Sternberg's SoftVue Technology 
By adding our special Sternberg SoftVue diffuse lens options, glare is mitigated and visual comfort restored. 


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LASN Plattsmouth Main Street Feature



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Fluted Casting Video

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