Why Adaptive Exterior Lighting Controls?

A transformation is occurring in the outdoor streetlighting arena.

A Changing Market

While the majority of the controls market has traditionally been regulated to indoor spaces such as office, educational, and institutional buildings, its evolution to outdoor, now makes dynamic control capabilities to enhance our streets and highways experience, a viable option.

As municipalities and colleges convert their streetlights to LED or electronic HID solutions, they are discovering value-added benefits. Due to the fact that Solid State Lighting is 100% dimmable and controllable, adaptive exterior lighting has never been more important or achievable.

Some of the value added benefits include:

  • An additional 20-40% savings over original cost-savings of energy efficient LED fixture installations
  • Demand responsive light level control for safety and security of streets, pathways and walkways
  • A multitude of controls options utilizing hard wired or wireless and monitoring controls
  • A reduced power level solution during off peak traffic and pedestrian activity and corresponding automatic increase to full output during periods of occupancy
  • Signaling for location identification of call button or 911 calls, designating evacuation routes, detours other emergency uses
  • Light levels controlled and adjusted from remote location
  • A sustainable Green solution

An Emerging Trend

Armed with this knowledge, an emerging trend shows more and more municipalities, colleges and commercial entities are exploring investments that will achieve greater sustained energy savings in their outdoor space.

Municipalities, colleges and commercial applications are looking to have:

  • Controls to be an integral part of their streetlighting solution
  • Flexible and programmable energy savings alternatives
  • Solutions that enhance public safety, reduce light pollution, and reduce maintenance costs
  • Adaptive controls solution suited to any projects needs
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