SoftVue lenses give a soft smooth effect to the LED optical system. By adding our special diffuse lens options, glare is mitigated and visual comfort restored. In pedestrian applications where the light source is visible at normal viewing angles glare is a real issue with flat lens products. Sternberg has come up with a way to decrease glare by up 51% to 76%, just by adding a SoftVue lens. Light loss is minimal and the light distribution pattern is not significantly changed. Sternberg’s SoftVue lens gives performance and visual comfort with LED optical systems.




SoftVue Powerpoint  (download)


SoftVue™ Presentation - Webinar Archive:

An archive of the Sternberg Lighting SoftVue™ Webinar from Sept 19, 2014. Covering the SoftVue™ Power Point Presentation.

The specification market has universally responded very positively to Sternberg Lighting's introduction of our SoftVue™ lens options.  Designed to dramatically reduce glare while minimally affecting overall light levels and direction, the SoftVue™ lens story is one that both our agents and Sternberg sales team need to be able to effectively and quickly relate.

As seen here, Sternberg has produced a new PowerPoint tool that allows the presenter to effectively explain the features and philosophy of SoftVue™, in a brief 5-10 minute presentation that can either stand alone, or be integrated into a larger overall product presentation.



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