Recipe for Success

What to consider when choosing LED street lighting fixtures

To be a satisfied and informed buyer of the newer "Solid State Lighting" Technology used in LED Street Lighting, do yourself a favor and follow the checklist below. If the lighting manufacturer or product you're choosing can adequately address the issues below, then chances are you're on the right track for a successful experience. For any related questions, don't hesitate to call our customer service engineers at 847-588-3400.



  • Require that L70 data was produced per testing that meets the LM-80-08 standard.


  • Require the LM-79-08 report from an independent test lab, with the LED array tested inside the fixture.


  • Carefully consider the fixture manufacturer’s approach to thermal management.


  • Specify or verify the (LLF) Light Loss Factor used on any photometric comparisons/layouts.


  • Confirm the (CCT) Color Corrected Temperature that any data is based on.


  • Compare or specify the Luminaire Efficacy of any fixture(s) under consideration, in terms of the Downward Delivered Lumens.


  • Verify the drive current(s) used to produce published data re lumen depreciation and efficacy. If it varies, are there also variable heat sinks that correspond?


  • How many years is the LED array warranted? What triggers it? What does the warranty entail? Most importantly, who is backing up that warranty?


  • Confirm the same warranty issues for the driver.


  • Carefully consider the fixture manufacturer’s approach to lumen delivery & optic systems.


  • Periodically check the CALiPER website for updates.
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