Intelilight™ System Features and Benefits Comparative Matrix

Please use this easy to use matrix to choose the system that is best for your needs.

  Basic Standard Premium
Available with any Sternberg UNRIVALED™ luminaires
Bi-level system
On / off capability
Works with existing infrastructure
Comes pre-installed from factory
Provides an additional 50% energy-savings while maintaining 60% lumen output
Meets Title 24 CA code
Extends the life of any LED installation
Easy stand-alone dimming control system  
Multiple user-programmable dimming levels  
Dimming at multiple time periods nightly  
Works with most electronically controlled light sources  
Can be combined with motion sensors and / or photocells to reduce additional energy consumption  
Utilizes advanced wireless technology - mesh network    
Can be accessed by PC to the internet    
User hierarchy - password control for multiple levels of access    
Nearly limitless number of devices can be integrated into unified network    
Manage and monitor your entire site or roadway from a single location    
Real time reporting    
Fixture monitoring - detects malfunctions remotely    
Shared control system allows for emergency access by police, fire, and other municipal departments    
Software encrypted for security    


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