Sternberg Lighting – Adaptive Lighting Controls

As a leader in decorative outdoor lighting, Sternberg Lighting has broken ground once again with Adaptive Lighting Controls. Whether your outdoor project requires a simple single-step dimming solution or calls for complete control of your outdoor lighting system utilizing advanced wireless technology, Sternberg Lighting has a solution.

In today's environment, with 22% of electricity being used by lighting, now more than ever, communities across the U.S. are considering additional energy-costs savings by adding Adaptive Lighting Controls from Sternberg Lighting to their installations. Streetlighting fixtures, such as our award-winning UNRIVALED™ family of LED luminaires enables customer savings in excess of 35-70% energy costs. Now imagine the additional savings one can derive when given the ability to manage your entire lighting site remotely, from a single location, and automatically adjust light levels depending upon usage requirements.

With our latest innovation, Adaptive Lighting Controls, we give you complete control of your outdoor lighting system through advanced wireless technology. Fixtures can be independently switched – or even dimmed – to provide appropriate illumination while using the lowest possible energy.

According to industry findings, “Intelligent Lighting Controls Market Will Double in Size to $2.6 Billion by 2016”.



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