Introducing RIALTA!

March 17, 2015 02:03 PM

Introducing Rialta
Sternberg Lighting proudly announces a new family of products for the contemporary lighting market. Rialta brings elegance and simple styling to outdoor lighting. The monolithic cannular design incorporates three luminous tops for a variety of looks. The RT403's open cage construction is simplified and blended to suggest a column shape during day or nighttime hours. The RW402 and RW404 models are lensed with Sternberg's Special lens formulation that gives superior surface brightness and uniformity.   
The tubular body can be cut to different heights to fit project requirements. All models employ a state of the art LED optical platform that can be specified to have color temperatures of 4500k, 3500k or 2700k. Other colors are available upon request. Rialta mounts to the walkway surface via a proprietary and invisible mounting system.  One set crew is all that is needed to secure Rialta to its base plate. The structural load is carried by a heavy cast base plate attached to anchor bolts and subsequently mounted to a poured concrete base. The tubular body is set over the base plate and is rotated slightly to engage a tooth system that locks Rialta into place. The setscrew keeps the body positively locked so that the luminaire and its structure can't be removed from the base, but allows maintenance staff to easily remove in case events or when space is needed.   
The smooth and clean exterior of the Rialta family fits well into Sternberg's Urbanline  family of contemporary products. The family concept is an important aspect for Sternberg Lighting and the philosophy holds true for Rialta.  The three models being introduced today are only the beginning. Future enhancements are already in the pipeline and will be launched later this year and in 2016. The Urbanline catalog has being updated and shows Rialta and other additions to the Urbanline family. Look for this publication on line and in print in the coming week. 


Please reach out to the Sternberg Sales team or visit our website at for more information on this ground breaking product from Sternberg Lighting.

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