LED-1910 Acorn Series

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Garantie limitée de 7 ans

Conversion kits for existing Sternberg Lighting products which create energy-efficient solutions at significantly reduced maintenance costs, higher efficiencies and in many cases lower equipment cost.

We've designed, developed and tested our LED conversion and upgrade kit specifically for this Sternberg luminaire. By doing so, you will be assured maximum light output, enhanced energy savings, proper thermal management and optimized visual appearance with reliable, trouble-free installation and support. The wide variety of lumen and distribution options makes upgrading existing Sternberg installations a snap. Don't be fooled by universal LED retrofit kits offering high levels of performance. Call your local Sternberg Lighting representative for price, availability, ordering and technical support questions.

Shade (Optional)
• LBS Reno 
• LB Lake Bluff 
• LBL Lake Bluff
• RLM18 Park Ridge
• RLM24 Park Ridge
• RLM32 Park Ridge

LED-1910 Acorn Series


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