DLC approval: SL630 Solana Arm Mount

September 23, 2014 09:52 AM
SL630 Medium Solana Arm Mount
© Sternberg Lighting

The medium size SL630 Solana Arm Mount fixture is now DLC listed and has been added to the Qualified Products List.   This approval was delayed by the DLC as there was some question as to whether this product could be classified as “decorative”.   After much effort they finally agree and this submittal was able to move forward in the Decorative Outdoor product category.  

The listing covers all 5 optics (T5, T4, T2, T3R, T3),  all LED count configurations (84L, 56L, 42L), and LED CCT colors (45k, 40k, 35k, 30k, 27k).    All the lenses are approved at all CCT’s.   MDL03 drive current.     

The DLC Qualified Product List has been updated and can be referenced here:   www.designlights.org



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